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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  December 8, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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this is kpix5 news. to keep fans from beating on each other. >> security like never before in san francisco and for a football game the tactics used to keep fans from beating on each other. >> and if you naught it was cold last night, just wait -- thought it was cold last night, just wait. good evening, brian hackney. >> and i'm ann notarangelo. we've seen it before in intense rivalries, emotions broiling over at candlestick and today another rival in town raising concerns of fan on fan violence. the seahawks have become the main rival for the 49ers and with a lot riding on the game today you can be sure the adrenaline was pumping for fans on both sides. mark keller reports san francisco police had a game plan to tackle potential problems. >> reporter: outside candlestick park no shortage of
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crowd control from all ranks of law enforcement and when there's this kind of rivalry -- >> go 9ers, baby! suhr, sfpd--"and, if you ge anybody else, you're goi f in jail. and these >> go seahawks! >> reporter: -- extra security becomes top priority for the san francisco police chief. he wouldn't talk hard numbers but did say -- >> i'll tell you what. we had about 50% more officers than in a regular nonrivalry game out here and probably twice as many officers in opposing team apparel. >> reporter: that means officers disguised in seahawks jerseys monitoring the crowd inside and outside candlestick at all times. the seahawks do it at their home games and for a big game like this now we do it, too. >> if you get out anybody else, you're going to find yourself in jail and these tickets are expensive. you want to find yourself inside the stadium and not in our station. >> reporter: for fans the extra security was paying off. ronnie wittenberg has broken up a pregame fight or two in his
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day but not today. >> let's just chill. it's a game. let's have fun and enjoy ourselves. >> reporter: the cortez sisters agree. >> i've heard the area could be not so safe or whatever, but i fool totally fine. we've been walking for a while, too. >> reporter: the true test of fan civility comes on the 23rd when the 49ers play their last game in this legendary stadium. at candlestick park mark kelly, kpix5. >> a good day for the 9ers. they beat the seahawks and dennis will have more in sports. san francisco police chief says there were more alcohol related ejections but no major fights. after tonight we have a widely scattered chance of not hearing so much about cold weather in the bay area, but tonight we will bottom out for temperatures. there are still freeze warning posted. we could be a little bit by just by a degree or 2 cold are tonight than last night, so freeze warnings in the entire area except the city. temperatures range from the low 20s to 36 degrees.
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watch your pants, sure, and your plants and pets and forecast lows tonight we'll be looking for 23 degrees in santa rosa, 29 in san rafael, 27 at livermore and after temperatures bottom out tonight we'll turn it around tomorrow with high pressure building in. numbers will actually begin to warm. we'll have the whole forecast in a few minutes from now. so far so good, citrus farmers in the central valley say they have dodged the blunt of the storm that brought wind, rain and freezing temperatures. they managed to prevent crop damage by lighting fires and using wind machines as lows dipped to the 20s, but they will keep up their fight against more frigid temps this week. merrill newman held captive more than a month in north korea said he was kept in a hotel, not a jail cell. the 85-year-old palo alto man spoke to the santa cruz sentinel today. he said he was well fed and kept comfortable. when asked about the apology that was broadcasted earlier
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this week, newman said that's not my english. he added his wife is now in charge of his passport. newman returned to the bay area yesterday. this afternoon a medical team from stanford hospital returned from the philippines. the team spent two weeks providing medical help in the region which was hard hit by typhoon haiyan. in their first four days they spent more than 2500 patients. on average they saw several hundred people a day at vier us where clinics throughout the affected reg -- at various clinics throughout at affected region. witnesses and experts will be questioned in washington this week to -- witnesses and experts will be questioned in be with washington this week to find out -- in washington this week to find it out what happened with the plane issue at sfo. a report in the chronicle shows today that first bay area responders lacked training for a disaster like this. after four people were
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killed in adderallment in the bronx last weekend two federal lawmakers -- in a derailment in the bronx last weekend two federal lawmakers want cameras in the trains. in addition to the four killed, 60 others were hurt when the train barreled into a 30-mile an hour turn going more than 80 miles an hour. a union leader says the engineer nodded off or experienced some sort of daze just before the accident. a day of prayer and reflection in south africa today to honor its national hero nelson mandela and as tina kraus tells us new information is coming out about the condition of nelson mandela in his final hours. >> reporter: south africa's march through the night for nelson mandela to honor the man they loved. , who wi our eyes going >> this is a man who fought for me when i was not born yet. t on lif sleeping c >> reporter: thousands spent the day in church praying for the country's first black president. - selwin grimsley/¢ johannesb resident) i think one of t ally need to g >> as he closes his eyes, we begin to believe that now we
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have someone who cared so much for us who will open our eyes going forward. >> reporter: mandela's former wife winnie was at one of the services. while his family has revealed few details about his death, a close friend says mandela was not on life support but sleeping calmly in his final hours. in mandela's former home many people say they haven't slept since he died. south africans say this is their way of mourning. >> i think one of the things we need to look at is how we move forward in the nation. >> reporter: the anti apartheid leader will be buried next sunday in a state funeral at his ancestral home in qunu. mutumi says he will be there. >> i'm going to give you a day off my boss says. the big man is gone. >> reporter: mandela's family says their pain and sorrow is being lessened by the outpouring of support for the father of the nation.
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tina kraus, cbs news, johannesburg. >> foreign dignitaries have been arriving for the ceremony. president obama and three former u.s. presidents will attend along with 50 heads of state around the world. government protesters unleashed their anger in the ukraine toppling a statue of former soviet leader vladimir lenin. they packed independence square all angry with the president's decision to breakaway from the european union to focus on ties to russia. >> he was a very genuine person with a big part. thousands who didn't know him gathered to remember actor paul walker. >> he fell asleep on a flight, but what happened next really scared him, waking up on an empty plane, how it happened coming up.
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[son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right?
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she has no idea. >> no one told her. [mom]oh my god! [ screaming ] >> oh, my god! [people clap and cheer] [ cheering and applause ] 1:36 "nat of motorcycle rev engine" s of fans and car a massive tribute in southern california today for actor paul walker. line thousands of fans and car enthusiasts converged in valencia for a memorial. the event was organized online
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and drew lots of fans. many cars in the parade were built for speed. walker was one of the stars of the high octane fast and furious franchise. fans remember him as being incredibly humble. >> he was a very genuine person with a big heart. he wasn't like every other celebrity. materialistic things were not important to him. helping people, he was just an amazing person. eeds will go to paul walker's charity, "reach- o worldwide" --- ben >> the deadly fast and furious 6 will be released on dvd tuesday president of some of the proceeds will go to paul walker's charity reach out worldwide that benefits survivors of natural disasters. susan boyle has revealed she has asperger's syndrome. ♪ i dreamed that love would never die ♪ . >> boyle became an overnight star when she appeared in a before i dawn's got talent
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competition. she -- britain's got talent competition. she had learning difficulties as a child and doctors said she had brain damage, but last year a specialist told her she suffered from asperger's which is a form of autism which includes symptoms of poor social skills, clonsiness and narrow interests. investigator -- clumsiness and narrow interests. investigators are looking into how a man was left behind on a flight. he fell asleep on a flight to houston. he wok up and the plane was dark and no one was on board. about 30 minutes later workers boarded the plane. >> i said don't put the blame on me. i didn't do nothing wrong here and then he was like all right. well, try to hush, hush, keep it quiet. >> wagner says the airline express jet put him up in a hotel, gave him a voucher since he missed his connection. express jet is looking into how the crew missed wagner even
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after doing a post flight walk- through. it was thought to be a good sign, no sign of a pod of beached whales off the coast of florida, the sad discovery made late today. >> the other sad discovery that we get freezing temperatures again tonight, the freezing forecast coming up after our break. ,,,, i've got one word for you... five year plan. you know how long that takes? five years. you are so important, and i don't think you know it. you can buy a house. you do not want to be... [ male announcer ] find some peace this holiday.
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f-o: it might cold here -- but a storm system that's blasting the midwest and northeast-- is creating all a live look at sfo. it might be cold here, but a storm system that's blasting the midwest and northeast is creating all sorts of delays and cancellations tonight. the average delay for flights coming and going to the bay area is about an hour, though some are three hours or more.
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nationwide more than 2,000 flights were canceled today. snow, sleet and ice caused dangerous road conditions and plenty of headaches for travelers. we have more on the icy mess. orts where ts have be >> and tries to bounce it outside and he is buried backwards of. >> reporter: the snow didn't keep the philadelphia eagles or the detroit lions off the field, but the powerful winter storm that's been moving across the country is wreaking havoc on roads and at airports where thousands of flights have been delayed or canceled. the dangerous mix of freezing rain, sleet and snow hit much of the southwest pushing north. it's expected to leave up to 1/2-foot of snow in pennsylvania, delaware and southern new jersey. the potent system caused power outages across the southeast with icy conditions expected through monday from texas to ohio to tennessee. >> it's like a one-two punch, cold air to the north, warm air to the south and it creates a very dangerous mixing line of ice and rain and the mix is almost more dangerous than straight snow. >> reporter: the wintery mix has hit new york where the snow is expected to turn to rain
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before temperatures go back up to the high 40s. the storm stranded drivers on icy texas highways saturday, 400 flights scheduled to depart dallas/fort worth canceled sunday as was the dallas marathon. car crashes have left six people dead in several states. as the next wave of arctic weather pushes down from the north, million dollars will prepare for a treacherous -- millions will prepare for a treacherous monday morning commute. minnesota saw the cold s temperatures. it hit 35 -- coldest temperatures. it hit 35 below in some places. >> and it's call coming from us. it is. the same system that brought us the cold weather has slowly sunk to the east and they have that nasty weather. for us just cold temperatures, mostly in the 20s in the bay area in the colder spots, in the city 3 degrees above freezing, tomorrow the the coldest night of this cold snap and then we'll dig out from all this treacherous cold weather. it's cold by california
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standards. 27 degrees at livermore, 25 concord, 24 fairfield and napa. 39 degrees at concord now, oakland 41 and san francisco 45 degrees and santa rosa 43 and we will look for things to plummet tonight. wind speeds are up now. they'll ebb after the sun goes down, but now they're northeasterly to 9 at pleasanton and san rafael 3 miles an hour, not too bad. the lighter winds mean colder temperatures. by 8:00 we'll be down into the lower 40s in much of the bay area. do bundle up. temperatures will be in the low 40s. we'll look for a beautiful sunrise tomorrow and temperatures recovering up into the low 50s for forecast highs, inland to the upper 40s, sunny and chilly. on the time lapse the goes west salt light one arm of the polar jet -- satellite one arm of the polar jet is all the way down here and as a result, there's nothing to exceed the cold air
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coming in from canada. so we've got that cold air settling in over the state, but high pressure will build in after the low gets out of the way. we'll have frigid nights but warmer days and the last night of freeze warnings will probably be tomorrow night. near record lows tonight for the bay area, a little warm tomorrow and back to near 60 degrees by midweek. so we'll finally -- look at miami, though, 82 degrees. everybody from new york just sort of follows gravity and subside down to florida for their retirement. for the rest of the country we'll look at numbers mostly in the 20s and in southern california in the 50s. tomorrow plenty of sunshine including sfo. we shouldn't have delays unless where you're flying to has some delays. at new york they'll have rain and 43 degrees, chicago cloudy skies, 27, denver sweltering 21 degrees, wow, forecast highs tomorrow 51 at redwood city, same for the city and mostly upper 40s, low 50s. extended forecast, we'll look
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for numbers to recover to the near 60-degree range by the latter half of the week. we do have clouds coming in beginning thursday, but we don't have any rain. that's going to be the next big weather story. this is crazy. really unusually dry. dennis, are you from the bay area? >> absolutely, sunset district. >> you will know this is really strange for us. >> i'm from the bay area, too. >> we all know it's strange, okay? >> all right. giving you a hard time. a sad update on the pod of pilot whales found stranded in the florida everglades. 11 were found dead today bringing the total dead to 22. wildlife experts have been guiding them back out to deeper water to try to save them. the whales were out of sight until today bringing hope they may have found their way out to sea. it's unclear what's happened to the rest of them. experts will try to find out if disease was a factor in their deaths. dennis, you have the
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seattle/9ers highlights. >> as you guys know, the knock on the 49ers was why can't they beat a team with a winning record? well, they had the chance today in the final minute against the best team in the nfc next. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse.
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but for affirmation that th ang with wi after being destroyed by the seahawks in seattle the 49ers were looking not only for payback but for affirmation that they can do more than hang with winning teams, they can
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beat them. 49er defense and special teams started early, kassim osgood with the blocked punt setting up one of three 49er field goals in the 1st half. the seahawks were busy getting six. 11-yard touchdown to give seattle the lead. it would be a back and forth kind of football game. wasn't till right before the half the 49ers found the end zone, kaepernick firing one to vernon davis, his 11th touchdown of the year. 49ers up by two points at the half. looking to tack on 3rd quarter kaepernick picked off by byron maxwell right at the goal line, wasted trip by the offense into the seahawks red zone. seattle kicked a field goal to go up in the 4th, but the 49ers had a chance to respond and boy, did they. frank gore is off, 51-yard run, season long for him to the seattle 20. a few plays later it's a 3rd downplay. kaepernick doing with his feet, look at the convoy of blockers, a critical 1st down that helps
5:54 pm
them run the clock down. all they need was a field goal and keith wilson off the field. 30 seconds left phil dawson chip shots, game win are and the 49ers prevail -- winner and the 49ers prevail, 19-17 over their division rival. >> we're still the division champs. until someone takes that from us we have to defend it and that's the team you want to defend it against. seattle is a great team. we know we probably have to see them later down the road to. -- road. to get this you know with means a lot. >> feels like you go to the dentist's chair and 3 1/2 hours of root canal on you. these teams are tough. both teams played extremely hard and well. so we'll move on and get ready for the tampa bay bucs. >> the 49ers mold a one game lead over the card -- hold a one game lead over the cardinals and are spill mathematically alive to win the nfc -- still mathematically
5:55 pm
alive to win the nfc rest. the raiders flew to new york for the second time this season and this time to face jets whose quarterback geno smith had not thrown a touchdown in five straight games. matt mcgloin making his third consecutive start for the raiders, but it was geno smith who came out flinging. jeremy curly comes down with it in the end zone, first touchdown pass for smith since week seven, 10-0 jets. mcgloin is pulled after two offensive series to put terrelle pryor in the game. pryor took the raiders downfield finding rod streater, but they settle for a field goal. so back in comes mcgloin, didn't look too good. mcgloin scrambles in the end zone picked off by ed reed, jets held to a field goal, 13- 3, new york and things get worse. 20-3 jets at the half. raiders come out of the locker room blazing in the 3rd quarter, mcgloin to marcel
5:56 pm
reece, 63-yard touchdown, the longest of his career. he went over 100 yards, raiders down 20-10. the jets respond in the 4th. raiders could not tackle. there's one, two, three, four. yeah, i count five missed tackles there. the raiders couldn't bring him down. 16-yard touchdown, raiders losing 37-27. >> today is about as bad as we played this whole season and like i say, it's really embarrassing to be part of it. we looked like the bad news bears out there today. >> disappointment, worked too hard to have the outcome be like this. we need ws and this game is about winning. >> meanwhile takes more than a shove to keep tom brady down. he found a way to win it at the end again, final seconds, game winning touchdown to danny amendola. patriots beat the browns 27-26.
5:57 pm
world challenge in thousand oaks, zach johnson with the miracle shot to stay alive. woods misses the gimme putt john even tiger had to smirk. his par would force a playoff against tiger and in the playoff woods misses the give me putt and johnson wins it over tiger woods. how about that. here are the bowl selections just made official, florida state and auburn play for the title because michigan state beat ohio state they are playing stanford in the rose bowl. clemson plays the buckeyes in the orange bowl. alabama plays oklahoma in the sugar and baylor plays ucf in the fiesta bowl. what an accomplishment for the stanford cardinal, five straight bowl games. we'll have david shaw, the head coach on, gameday tonight at 11:30. that will do it for us at 5:30. see you back here in a half hour and then at 10:00 and 11:00. updates are always on we'll see you in 30 minutes. >> good night. ,,,,,,
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>> glor: tonight sunday storm, a dangerous combination of ice, snow and rain coats the country all the way from missouri to maine. we'll hear from jeff pegues and get the forecast for the week ahead. as the country says good-bye to nelson mandela, bill whitaker reports from johannesburg on a national day of prayer. d allen pizzey revisits a day that changed a nation. protesters in ukraine topple the statue of lenin. charlie d'agata on the rising anger in a country that finds itself pulled between europe and russia. and the new powerhouse in publishing. books for kids find an audience in everyone.


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